Prograde Metabo 223 X

Metabo 223X was created for one purpose: To help you lose more belly fat than ever before! And does it ever; in one of the world's largest ever conducted double-blind clinical trials on a fat burning formula, the participants that used Metabo 223X melted off 8 X more belly fat than the placebo group!

Powered by one of Mother Nature's most secret weight loss ingredients – the extraordinary Raspberry "Ketones" – Prograde Metabo 223X also has an amazing safety profile, so you can feel confident knowing you are taking a safe and effective weight loss aid




Prograde Nutrition

Prograde Nutrition, the company behind Metabo 223X, was launched on April 17, 2007. And ever since then there have been more copy cats – cheap imitations – than we can count. Prograde is dedicated to bringing our customers the very best nutritional products. That's why we have now spent well over $300,000.00 clinically testing our Metabo 223X fat burning formula. Our stellar reputation and passion for creating research backed supplements is exactly the reason why thousands of fitness experts all over the world recommend our products to their clients.




Billy Beck III

Billy's expertise has been featured on NBC, CBS, Fox and ABC as well as on the pages of Men's Health, Men’s Journal, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and dozens of other magazines, radio shows and interviews. He is the author of "LEAN & Mean: Fat Burning Secrets of the World's Best Personal Trainer."

Twice voted World's Best Personal Trainer, Billy Beck III is easily one of the most respected fitness professionals in the industry. Needless to say, he has tried every fat burning supplement on the market, so when we asked him to test Prograde Metabo 223X with his very own clients, we understand that he was skeptical. But as you can see from these Success Stories Billy isn't skeptical about the power of Metabo 223X anymore!