What Makes Prograde Metabo 223 X Unique?

It's very simple: Clinical Testing is what sets this amazing fat burning formula apart from all our competitors.

Now, you might be asking yourself, "Well, doesn't every company do clinical testing on its fat burning products?"

The world would be a better place if they did, but unfortunately, the answer is a resounding NO. If you ask other companies about research they will happily tell you all about the studies done on their ingredients. What they won't be able to tell you is if combining all those ingredients into one product creates a formula that actually works.









They would much rather pocket their profits than prove their formulas work. Clinical testing is expensive, so they just don't do it. Are they afraid they will find out their products don't actually work? Maybe. Are they greedy and putting you at risk? Sure seems like it.

You see, here at Prograde we put our money where our mouth is. We went the extra step to make absolutely certain that Metabo 223X was not only incredibly effective at melting belly fat, but also super safe. Our fat burning formula gets its name from the $223,000.00 we initially spent clinically testing Metabo 223X. And we've spent well more than another $100,000.00 since!

Ask any of our competitors how much they've spent testing their weight loss formula. We're confident you won't be hearing back from them with an answer. Hey, better to ignore you than they tell you the truth!

So ask yourself this question: Wouldn't I feel more comfortable buying a fat burner from a company that puts its customers' safety and results ahead of their own bank account?

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Is The Fat Burner You’ve Been Using Safe?

Fat burning formulas are meant to be powerful. They're meant to work. And sometimes that means a product on the market might be extremely effective, but also extremely dangerous. Again, if the manufacturer didn't want to spend the money clinically testing their formula, well, how would they know for sure that it's safe?

Bottom Line #1:

They wouldn't – Which means they've just put you at serious risk.

That's why the the first thing we made certain of when we clinically tested Prograde Metabo 223X was its safety profile. Unlike the greedy supplement companies that are more interested in their profits, our primary goal was to make sure you're safe. What a novel idea, huh?

So in one of the largest ever randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled studies in the history of the supplement industry, Prograde Metabo 223X passed the safety tests with flying colors! During the 8 weeks of testing there were no issues related to heart rate, blood pressure, or blood markers related to kidney and liver health.


Lose Up To 8 X More Belly Fat!

So how does Prograde Metabo 223X stack up when it comes to results? When combined with a sensible nutrition and exercise program the study participants that used Metabo 223X, as compared to the placebo group, saw these amazing results!

  • 4.2 times greater weight loss,
  • 2.9 times greater loss of body fat,
  • 4.3 times greater gain in lean mass,
  • 7 times greater decrease in hip girth,
  • 8 times greater decrease in waist girth (that's a fancy way of saying they lost 8 X more Belly Fat!)
  • 5 times greater increase in subjective feelings of energy
  • 4.3 times greater increase in lean mass-to-fat mass.





Bottom Line #2:

The proof is in the pudding. As you can see from the above, Prograde Metabo 223X walks the walk. We don't just talk about how great our product is, we prove it to you with real science, not fancy marketing.

Even More PROOF!

But we didn't stop there. Not by a long shot. We went beyond the laboratory and went straight to the gym. We wanted to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt Prograde Metabo 223X is THE BEST fat burning formula on the planet – period, end of discussion. And that’s why we enlisted the help of the man that has been twice voted the World’s Best Personal Trainer – Billy Beck III.

Billy isn't your average trainer. He’s one of the most respected fitness professionals on the planet. He's tried all the fat burners and all the supplements you can imagine, so who better to test Prograde Metabo 223X in a real world situation with private clients.

So what happened? How did Metabo 223X hold up in the "real world?" Click the link below to hear directly from everyday people that have personally tested what we consider to be the world's greatest fat burner.