Metabo223X Burns 8x More Fat!


Prograde Nutrition has just released its new weight loss supplement Metabo 223X, which in clinical trials helped subjects lose eight times more belly fat than subjects using a placebo.

NORTH PALM BEACH, FL – MILLIONS of people look for ways to lose weight, but it’s not an easy process. Now Metabo 223X, a new product from health and fitness leader Prograde Nutrition, has been clinically shown to improve fat loss – using an ingredient derived from raspberries.

Metabo 223X is a natural supplement designed to improve weight loss from exercise and a balanced diet. The product gets its name from the $223,000 Prograde spent on clinical testing. Independent, double blind trials showed that subjects using Metabo 223X lost eight times more belly fat than subjects using a placebo.

Jayson Hunter, head of research at Prograde, says this level of clinical testing is uncommon for diet products.

“Most fitness companies don’t test their products at all,” Hunter said. “They combine the ingredients, put a warning on it and sell it as a supplement. At Prograde we only sell things that work. So we tested it every step of the way, and the results are spectacular.”

Among the supplement’s key ingredients are ketones, found naturally in raspberries. Raspberry Ketones aid in fat loss by helping the body burn stored fat more quickly, and also by decreasing how much fat is absorbed from food.

“Laboratory research has showed raspberry ketones’ fat burning properties for years,” said Hunter. “But Metabo 223X is the first raspberry ketone based product put through extensive clinical trials on humans and proven to actually work. It’s a winner.”

The supplement has already developed a reputation in gyms.

“We asked [celebrity fitness trainer] Billy Beck to field test it with his clients,” Hunter explained. “He’s tried a huge range of supplements, but the positive feedback his clients gave us was overwhelming.”

Metabo 223X is available through Prograde’s website and qualified health and fitness professionals.


About Prograde:

Prograde Nutrition was founded by fitness experts who wanted to create higher quality supplements for their clients. Prograde emphasizes careful scientific testing and demonstrable results for all of its products. More information is available at



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